Sidebar Template Modules

Sidebar Template modules are used to display content within the body of a two-column page template.

There are 8 modules available when using the two-column “Sidebar Page” template for a web page. Many of the modules have additional display options that allow for further customization.


The “What You See Is What You Get” module is the most often used content module available. It’s functionality is similar to using Microsoft Word or other text editing applications. It allows for free-form content creation. Styles are preset to maintain consistency with Mercer’s branding guidelines.

Code Module

This module allows for the entry of html or other types of code on a web page. Please do not use this module unless you are familiar with code development. If you have any questions, please contact the Digital Communications team.

Image Module

The Image Module features a caption, link and selectable graphic.

Image Carousel / Grid module

This module can display a series of graphics in two layouts: Carousel and Grid. Authors can choose between “grey pattern” and “solid white” background color options, depending on their design needs. The images can also be linked.

Content-Video Module

This module allows authors to embed an online video using a url.

Content-Toggles Module

This module presents content in an expandable/collapsable accordion layout. The content requires a title and content for each item. (Use of accordions is not considered a best practice. The required interaction may cause visitors to miss important content by not expanding all of the options.)